Our agricultural enterprise was founded in year of 1993 by my wife Erika and me. Since then, we have been dealing with organic grain and field vegetable production, from 2003 also with apple cultivation. The love and respect for land has been spawned in our life, this was the ground to build our agriculture with heart and hand.

In the possession of the acquired knowledge and know-how, we had a go at our 20 hectare smallholdings wholeheartedly.

By today, our has grown into an organic farming sector, owns 250 hectares (30 of vegetables, 220 of grain), while the range of crops has been growing over the years.

As a result of our work and tenders, we have been able to create a large machinery and refrigerated storage, which meets the recent requirements. Besides that, we also have a stony grinder and flaking machine, which is mainly used for the processing of our own cereals.

Most of our crops are delivered to the Eco Market in Budapest, but we also have a partnership with hungarian businesses, such as HIPP, SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft., and with other smaller bio stores.


Béla Kovács Award -  Winner of the Agricultural farmer of the year category